Home theater images are getting bigger
classroom monitors are still
too small

With home theaters now using diagonal picture sizes of 40, 50, and 60 inches, it's clear
that people recognize the value of a larger picture as the size of the room increases.
Yet...Classrooms are often equipped with only a 27 inch monitor on a stand... with the kids 25 or 30 feet away
from the monitor; simply not good enough for most students to read web text.


Recommendation for reading 80 character text as found on the web

A viewer with "average" eyesight, who is a distance of 4 or 5 diagonals from the screen, can clearly see most 80 character material found on the web.

For a 27inch diagonal screen, that amounts to the viewer being no more than 11.25 ft. from the screen. 

A viewer who is 5 to 10 picture diagonals from the set can only clearly see "general" instructional materials like the Discovey Channel, where there is no 80 character text. There can be pictures with fine detail, however.
For a 27 inch monitor, this amounts to 11.25 ft up to 22.5 feet.
A viewing distance of 10 to 12 picture diagonals is only suitable where there is no 80 character text nor detailed pictures (22.5 to 27 feet).

Question the authority of those who say: "Our teachers will never use web stuff with 80 character text" !

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