Singapore student, 14, sends this information about her research

into classroom color and layout

Hi. I've been also researching for a physical environment best for a

I found out to make a classroom more comfortable is to include having a
carpet on the floor, windows to let in natural light, assorted classroom
arrangements and ample space to work comfortably.

These are the research I've got:

Colours for walls
Purple and violet are psychologically inspiring for the spirit, benefiting
the pineal gland, cerebral cortex, right eye, central nervous system and
upper brain function.
Indigo aids concentration, insight and imagination, promoting peace of mind.
Physically, it benefits the pituitary galnd, left eye, sinus,nose and
Blue is linked to integrity, honesty, loyalty, kindness, commitment and
endurance, benefitting the throat, thyroid,parathyroid, lungs and mouth.
Green promotes compassion and unconditional love,
forgiveness,contentment,nurturing,harmony and generosity. Phsycially linked
to the heart, circulatory system, arms and hands.
Yellow stimulates humour and logic,effiencency, warmth, self-awareness and
personal power. It corresponds to the solar plexus, stomach, liver,gall
bladder and pancreas.
Orange is required to stimulate sensuality and passion, vitality, optism and
enthusiasm, tolerance and hospitality. It affects the reproductive organs,
genitals, gonads, prostate and splleen.
Red arouse instincts of self-preservation and survival, stimulating the
senses and bringing out the spontaneous primal urges. It relates to the base
of teh spine, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, colon, spinal column, legs and

create both well-lit and dimly-lit areas in the classroom by using
bookcases, screens, plants and other furniture. Some learn best in bright
light but others do significantly better in low light. bright light actually
makes some students restless and hyperactive. Try allowing students to sit
where they feel most comfortable.
Most people have the mistaken impression that children learn best when
sitting still, but research proves that many need extensive mobility while
learning. Another myth is taht children learn best when sitting up straight
in hard chairs. About 75 percent of the total body weight is supported on
only four square inches of bone when humans sit up straight in a hard chair,
it is easy to understand how the reslting stress on the buttock tissues
causes fatigue, discomfort and the need for frequent changes in posture.
Research the common-sense notion that many students pay better attention and
acheive higher grades in more comfortable settings.

Hope this information helps you. Bye!
Lee Ping 14

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