An Attractive New Raceway for Classroom, Laboratory Wiring

Using surface-mounted electrical raceway to contain ethernet, CAT 5, audio, video and other communication cables makes it possible to remove outdated cables and outlets and install new ones without having a general contractor channel, or open, existing walls, then install new wall boxes and conduits.

The concept of using surface raceway even in new construction is catching on as facilities managers recognize that today's building space changes from one use to another within a very short time. Having a surface raceway that can easily be snapped open, cables and outlets changed... and then snapped shut saves time... as well as the facilities budget!

A player in the field of surface-mounted raceways since 1900, the Wiremold Company has recently introduced a new attactive raceway that lends itself well to K-12 and college applications.

Unique features of the raceway are the concave face and dedicated interior wiring channels that hold power and communication cables out of the way of the center-mounted outlets and other devices.

You'll find on their website, along with all the other dimensions and fill capacites for various cables and conductors, a list of available fittings... and even an animated clip of the raceway when disassembled.

An excellent site containing .pdf pages and CAD files!

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