New Portable Sound System

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Many schools and colleges need a P.A. system that can occasionally be used in a large conference room, multipurpose room, or gym, but they don't need an elaborate built-in system.

One problem with most portable systems is that with many instructors using them, it's difficult to keep track of the various cords that connect the mics to the unit, the speakers to the amplifier, and the unit to the wall outlet. A common mantra is, "Well I know John used it for his meeting, could he still have the power cord in his room? Wait! the cord to the speaker is missing too."

With this new product from AKG, cords can be eliminated for most simple setups because the amplifier is built right into a single cabinet with the speaker, and the microphone is wireless. And... both the mic and the amplifier/speaker operate on built-in rechargeable battery power, so a power cord is only used to recharge!

For the advanced user, wired connections are available for mics or for playback from a CD, cassette deck, keyboard or mixer, output connection to record.

Here's a link to their webpage for this product

When you get there, click on WLS 6060 MAX in their search field.

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