Modular Music Rooms

Many older schools have less-than-ideal acoustic isolation between the music room and adjacent classrooms. Even with all the doors closed, a nearby class that is taking a test can easily be distracted by the sounds coming down the hall and thru the walls and ventilation ducts.

On one hand, if the original room construction was well designed for sound isolation with double walls, fully caulked joints at all wall intersections, with sound rated doors with adjustable gasket seals, with special HVAC duct isolators, etc.,etc., you may only need to have a firm who specializes in acoustic refurbishment do a careful survey and estimate of repair costs.

On the other hand, if the music room was never really designed for music use, often the easiest solution is to buy a special "modular" music room that a manufacturer's specially trained technicians build right inside the unsatisfactory existing room. The picture above is from the Wenger corporation website.

The modular rooms are made up of a series of tightly interlocking panels and gasketed doors, as seen in Wenger's illustration above, and are guaranteed by the manufacturer to provide various levels of isolation from nearby rooms. The manufacturer states that 67 configurations are available. Pricing is available on their website.

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