Light fixture differences

At present, three types of single-layer lighting are common for designers to use in classrooms:

Top picture is Prismatic plastic lens

Middle picture is Open cell parabolic

Lower picture is Direct-Indirect

Note that the illumination with the Prismatic and Direct-Indirect is generally uniform with soft shadows (look under the chairs), while the Parabolic casts sharp shadows on the walls, under the chairs and...naturally... under eyebrows, noses and chins.

In my estimation, Parabolics have very little application in classrooms unless combined with other types of fixtures that will soften the harsh shadows. Of the three, the Direct-Indirect is my personal favorite.

Where the pendant fixtures will interfere with the sight-lines to the projection screen, I like a 2ftx4ft T8" recessed Direct-Indirect fixture.

Prismatic Plastic

Open-cell parabolics- note harsh shadows also light faces with unflattering deep shadows


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