A Reader is Looking for Information About How the Physical Environment

Affects Both Students and Teachers

Deerfield Elementary, Novi MI
From the website of Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. http://www.fhai.com/kfeaDeerfield.html

The reader's letter is below. If you have references that would be helpful to her (and me!) send them along and I'll compile them on a future page.


"I am currently trying to put together a project about the physical classroom environment. My specific interest is in how the environment affects both students and teacher and the learning that takes place. For example, there is a big difference in one's ability to concentrate in a dingy, crowded, stuffy room with no natural daylight compared with a spacious, airy, naturally lit space.

I believe that the physical environment can affect mood concentration and alertness. Even the colours of the walls are a factor. However, I am having trouble finding any properly researched information about this subject. So far all I can find is subjective information.

Can you refer me to any relevant material, please.

Yours in anticipation, Helen Hoyle"

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