An Improvement on Electronic Whiteboards

You may remember my earlier grumbling about certain problems that electronic whiteboards have.


Since you have to be able to write directly on them, they necessarily must be low enough to the floor so that you can write near the top... but... the board is small in comparison to typical chalkboards, and it is so low that unless you are in the front row, people's heads block your view of the lower part of the board.

Worse... as the presenter, you often are standing right in front of the board!


Hitachi seems to have partnered with WACOM, the maker of pen-tablet displays, to solve those problems:

You write on a 15" LCD panel at a table or lectern, instead of on an electronic white board, and you project the original image (along with your pen notations) on a screen that is high enough and big enough for all the students to see.

Here's the link to Hitachi's Starboard web site

The question is... How well does it work in actual classroom applications?

If you've tried this product.... please let us know how well it worked.


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