Readers' Critique of the Large Tablet Student Chair

The desk chair shown... is typical and offers the advantages of a larger and more flat work surface than the traditional tablet arm desk. Desk chairs are often used in middle and high school mathematics (for use of calculators, geometry tools, etc.) and other classrooms where a large work surface is desired for an individual student. While separate tables and chairs may offer a better solution, they are usually not selected for various reasons.

The desk chair functions very nicely for the purpose it was intended. Limitations include the following, (1) it is heavy and cumbersome to move for group work and cleaning, (2) it has a structural weak point between the seat and the desk top and welds in this vicinity may break after short use (Usually these breaks can be repaired, but buyers are urged to recognize this limitation and carefully review the warranty.), (3) the space between the seat and desk top will be too small for very large adults, and (4) the particular desk chair illustrated on your Web site has an "exposed" book box that is subject to damage. (Some desk chairs feature an integral book box that is better protected and constructed of heavier gauge material. These designs are recommended over desk chairs with an exposed book box constructed of light gage materials as shown in your illustration.)

Gordon I. Apr.06.2003

One comment regarding the larger tablet arm chairs is that they take up much more space than the smaller ones. I know this point is obvious but the consequences can be serious. Classrooms don't generally grow naturally so a classroom that once had 50 tablet arm chairs can be reduced to 40 larger tablet arm chairs. With increased enrollments and larger class sizes at many institutions, the fight for larger classrooms is tough. It is a tragedy to reduce capacities of classrooms with larger tablets.

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