Another handy product to help future-proof multimedia wiring changes in classrooms

Where it is undesirable to install surface raceway in new construction, a wall box and nicely trimmed electrical device plate from WireMold can allow you to make future changes to classroom multimedia wiring without having to tear out too-small conduits and boxes.

Finished appearance

The advantage to this new product is that the backbox is larger than standard electrical wall boxes and is provided with movable voltage dividers. The model shown above has provision for a standard 2 gang opening and a standard single gang opening.

In this configuration, I have placed a 120V outlet on the far left, then placed a voltage divider next to the outlet so that the video cables could be fed thru the grommetted opening. On the far right, the data and phone jacks are kept separate from the video cables by another voltage divider in the backbox.

Many other arrangements are possible. Another variation is shown below.

A good placement for the box would be about 18 inches above the floor, on the classroom wall opposite the entrance door, and near the front wall. In this way, a cart or console containing a computer, document camera, DVD player, VCR, etc. could be fed... with the cables laid on the floor, but out of way of the normal traffic patterns.

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